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The photo to the left is the toilet in wagon 2 in the state CFR express train between Bucuresti and Constanta on the 13th February 2016 leaving from Bucuresti 0930. The ride takes 2 hours and 28 minutes and there is of course always someone in need of a toilet during such  a ride. If lucky, they hit the hole at times  This is not a water closet, but a rusty ,partly smashed closet frame. A smelly metallic  room, no water, no paper, a seat broken, “pipi” on the floor.  Disgusting beyond imagination. As always. As since 1990.

The transport department issued a state instruction in 2012 saying that passengers should address the crew if the toilets in the CFR trains were not in order. And that any staff in the train was responsible in order to fix the issue.

When addressing the conductor about lacking paper and a smashed seat, he looked at me like I was an ET and said “ not my business”. I said it is his business and referred to the statement from 2012. “ - What, are you nuts? “he prompty said and the rest of the passengers looked at me like I was a bad person upsetting the poor man in the CFR uniform. He went, but when he came back five minutes later he stopped and turned to me: “-If you do not like Romanian trains, take the bus domnu!”

CFR should have  a look at the toilets in private Softrans trains on the photo on the right hand side above.Regrettably Softrans has cancelled the Constanta route because nobody knew about them, the station staff in Constanta ignored them and they did not do any PR, so few tickets were sold. But in the summer they are back. Also with a loo that is a sign of  respect for the passenger, not something that is a direct  mocking of people who buy the more expensive CFR tickets and have to visit the loo during their travel.



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